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Stormwater Drainage

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Does your garden drainage fail when the rain becomes heavy? Does your garden flood and your guttering overflow? Is the problem the lack of fall to the street?

Unfortunately, during the summer months when the rain is heavy, the problem is all too common in certain areas in and around Brisbane.

Luckily, there are quite a few easy solutions that often fix these drainage issues, ranging from increasing drainage pipe size, adding extra drainage pits in and around the affected areas, to the more complicated methods of installing pits and pumps.

I am yet to meet a drainage issue that could not be resolved.


Common Stormwater Problems and Solutions

Problem Fault Solution
Overflowing Guttering Guttering too small

Too few downpipes

Increase guttering size and frequency of your downpipes
Ground drain blockage or no fall on the drain to the street.

Ground drainage inadequate

Check for a blockage to the street by running water down a downpipe to see if it comes out on the street
A break in the ground drainage Find and repair blocked or broken ground drain.
Clogged guttering Clean out the guttering.

Add gutter guard to your guttering

Water escaping roof area too slowly causing overflowing guttering Roof too big for inground drainage system Add a retention rainwater tank. This can be used to catch a good percentage of the roof water and used to water the garden in between rain or just pumped to street independently and used only as a retention tank.
Garden ground drainage doesn’t drain No fall from garden area to the street Install a gravel pit in the back of your garden. This pit takes approx. 1000- 5000 Litres of water and is ok for one-off rain events but when it is full, it may take a week to drain away depending on the soil type.

Install a 1000L – 3000L pit in the backyard, which has a pump inside, which pumps the groundwater to the street. All garden drainage and downpipes can then run to this pit.


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