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Residential Plumbing Fixtures

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Along with maintenance plumbing, the installation of new residential plumbing fixtures is probably the most frequently employed plumbing service.

A new bathroom facelift or slowly staggered replacement of old fixtures with new is just one of the most common ways to keep your home plumbing fixtures feeling new, and a great way to keep up with modern technology.


Residential Plumbing Fixtures

Residential plumbing fixtures are quite limited in terms of the number of categories, but each of the categories may have a thousand different models and makes in its range.

All plumbing fixtures need to have an Australian watermark on – this shows that they meet Aussie standards. If they don’t, they should not be installed by you or your plumber.

I still think it is quite funny to look at the manufacturer’s instructions when I want to install a new toilet brand after having installed thousands of toilets in the past.

Bathroom Kitchen Laundry
Bath Kitchen Sink Laundry Tub
Toilet Dish Washing Machine Washing Machine
Basin Fridge/ Freezer  


Plumbing Fixture Installation Timeframes

One common problem I encounter is the public perception of how long it takes to install a plumbing fixture. Some customers are genuinely shocked that it could take half a day to fit out a bathroom or a couple of hours to install a kitchen sink.

The table below is intended to help shed some light on this for the general public. These time frames relate to installation only and not the removal of the old plumbing fixtures.

If you have a plumbing fixture you would like installed, but feel it may fall slightly left field of basic, send us an email with what you would like, with a couple of supporting photos or alternatively, text through your queries to 0437827502.


Bathroom Time Frame
Bath 1-2 Hours
Toilet (Back to Wall) 1 -2 Hours
Toilet (With flush pipe type) 1-2 Hours
Basin (Vanity) 2-3 Hours
Basin (Wall Hung) 1-2 Hours
Shower (with Rail) 1 Hour
Bidet  2 Hours
Kitchen Sink 1-2 Hours
Dish Washing Machine 30 – 1 hour (test included)
Fridge / Freezer 30 – 1 hour (test included)
Laundry Tub 1 Hour
Washing Machine 30 – 1 hour (test included)



For all your plumbing fixture pricing, visit our pricing calculator to get a labour cost for your plumbing fixtures today.

Most Plumbing businesses will have rates that they can refer to on the spot for basic plumbing fixture installation.

Quoting vs Hourly rates

For a plumbing installation, most plumbing businesses would probably prefer to quote to install your plumbing fixture, as this allows them to add a buffer for the worst-case scenario into their price.

On the other hand, if you get a plumber out on an hourly rate, you will then need to pay the first half hour rate which is usually inflated to deal with material pickups and travel time.  You will pay between $80 and $150 for the first 30 mins work on an hourly rate basis in the Brisbane area.

With a quote, you know what you are going to pay from the start.

With an hourly rate, the price is not set, but in most circumstances, the labour will be far cheaper than a quote unless the job is complicated.


Future Projects

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