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Residential Plumbing and Gas Services

The following topics are discussed on this page:



Residential Plumbing services encompass quite a large scope of works.

These plumbing works generally cover new build residential plumbing, and renovation residential plumbing, and fall into the following sub-categories;

  • Drainage (above and below ground)
  • Water supply installation
  • Fit off water appliances
  • Gas services
  • Stormwater services


The Residential Plumbing Process

When you engage the services of a plumber for your residential plumbing, the level of services and details of the plumber’s involvement in the project may vary, but the process pretty much follows the same pattern for all new residential plumbing projects.

  • The client engages the plumber’s services in writing, both parties agreeing on the terms before work commences.
  • Payment 1 – Down payment for materials – Typically 10% of the project cost.
  • The Plumber receives the stamped approved plans and submits documents to the council, taking ownership of the job.
  • The home sub-ground sewer and stormwater drainage are completed and inspected by the local council, and the water and gas are run to the house.
  • Payment 2 – Subsurface payment – typically 25% of the project cost.
  • All the internal water pipes and gas pipes are installed, and local council inspection completed.
  • Payment 3 – Water and Gas rough in – Typically 25% of the project cost.
  • Fit off all internal fittings and appliances. External works completed, including downpipes and rainwater tanks if required.
  • Final Inspection completed by the local council.
  • Final Inspection completed by the builder and any defects fixed.
  • Final Payment due – Remaining 40% due within 30 days, typically.


Off The Plan Houses vs Individual Homes

Residential Plumbing also has another subcategory.

By this I mean, some residential plumbing services focus on high turnover, off the plan style homes where every plumber is expected to punch out a set number of homes per year. Other residential plumbing services focus mainly on individually owned properties.

Both types of residential plumbing have their merits. We have been involved in both types and I can honestly say I like both styles of plumbing because of what they bring to the table, one simple but fast and furious, the other a little slower and more complex.

With the high turn over of off the plan residential plumbing, there are usually 3-4 different floor plans to get your head around in a project, so as soon as you have these learned, each job becomes a little easier and more efficient.

With the individually owned homes, there is an extra level of complexity and personal interest in the build. These builds generally take a lot longer to complete due to the unique nature of the plans and the usually evolving job scope. The great thing about these jobs is the personal satisfaction you get from delivering a dream home to the client.



When you engage a builder to build your home, this will include the price of the plumber, with standard fixtures, and a set scope of work.

If you are building the home on an owner builder licence and are intending on organising all the trades yourself, then there are a couple of straightforward plumbing pricing options for you.

  • Get one plumber to quote for the entire residential plumbing installation (Preferred option)
    • Try and get this plumber to work on an hourly rate for all variations. It would help sweeten the deal if all variations were paid as you were going (weekly), otherwise it may be hard to find a plumber to do the variations on an hourly rate.
  • Engage a residential plumber to complete your work on an hourly basis.

There are a few more options, but the above two options are preferred options to increase your chances of getting a positive plumbing outcome.


Residential Plumbing time frames

Some plumbers may argue that this question is comparable to the question” how long is a piece of string?”. In some situations where there are a lot of unknowns, this may be the case, but for information sharing purposes, I am going to presume that most questions are answered and that these jobs are not too difficult.


Low set off the planned home (2 Bathrooms)

Drainage – 1 day – (1 tradesman and 1 operator)

Water and Gas Rough in – 1 Day – (1 tradesman, plastic pipe)

Fit off – 1 Day – (1 tradesman)

Downpipes – 3 Hours – (1 tradesman)


High Set Home (3 Bathrooms)

Drainage – 1 day – (1 tradesman – 1 operator)

Water and Gas – 2 days – (1 tradesman and 1 apprentice)

Elevated drainage – 1 day – (1 tradesman and 1 apprentice)

Fit off – 3 Days – (1 tradesman and 1 apprentice)


Operating hours

Most residential plumbing services are on-site by 6 am and finish by 3 pm on a normal day. Obviously, these change from day to day and from service to service, but from my experience over the past decade, these times constitute normal site hours.

Just remember that your plumber may have been to the shed to load up and drive to the site before that 6 am site start, so their day may have started at 4.30/5am.


Future Projects

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