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Residential Gas Services

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Residential gas installations cover all the work involved in running a service line from the gas supplier’s gas source to the burner outlet.

If you live in a gas network area, your gas supply will be natural gas, otherwise it will be LPG.

Follow the link below to find out where the natural gas network runs in QLD.

Natural gas network distributors

There is an interconnected gas pipeline network that links Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and the ACT.

Australian Gas Networks supplies the Brisbane CBD, northern suburbs of Brisbane, Ipswich, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Maryborough, and Hervey Bay.

  • Faults & emergencies: 1800 427 532
  • General enquiries: (07) 3267 9511

Allgas Energy (part of the APA Group) supplies the southern suburbs of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, and Oakey.

  • Faults & emergencies: 1300 763 106
  • General enquiries: 1300 766 338


LPG Gas Network Suppliers

LPG gas cylinders can be picked up at a hundred different sites around Brisbane, but they all come from one of these two sources:

  • Origin
  • AGL


Common Gas Problems and Solutions

Gas faults come in all shapes and sizes. It is important to note that gas can kill, and you should not attempt to fix a gas fault yourself. Use the table below as an identification tool only, to help your gas fitter fix the fault. Many gas fitters will have a set price for fixing certain components.

Problem Fault Solution
No gas at my appliance LPG cylinders empty Exchange the cylinder
Gas meter OPSO regulator tripped Call a gas fitter to reset
Pipe blockage Call a gas fitter to locate and remove the blockage
Jet blockage Call a gas fitter to remove the blockage or install new jets
Appliance regulator is on the wrong way around Call a gas fitter to switch around the regulator
Gas supply capped off by supplier or gas fitter Call your supplier or gas fitter to investigate why the supply is capped and ask them to remove if safe.
Problem Fault Solution
Gas Pressure too Low Appliance regulator set too low Call a gas fitter to increase the regulator pressure
You are in a low-pressure gas area Call your gas supplier.   They may be able to provide more pressure.
Gas Pressure too High Appliance regulator set too High Call a gas fitter to decrease the regulator pressure
You are in a high-pressure gas area Call your gas supplier.  They will be able to decrease your supply pressure to around 3kpa.
Problem Fault Solution
The gas burner will not hold the flame Faulty thermocouple Get your gas fitter to replace your thermocouple
The Burner flame will not light without a match Faulty Ignitor Get your gas fitter to replace your ignitor
There is very little difference between my high and low flames Adjustment not set Get your gas fitter to adjust the flame settings to suit high and low flames.
Our gas flame is very orange Wrong gas/air settings Call your gas fitter asap
Incorrect Jets Call your gas fitter asap
We can smell gas Gas Leak Call your gas fitter asap
We purchased an LPG appliance rather than Natural Gas. Wrong gas jets/ regulator Call your gas fitter to convert your appliance to the right gas. Do not use until this is done.


Our Gas Service

I believe that we differ from most plumbing and gas services, as we design our gas installation with the finished product in mind. I have noticed that this is the best for you to get consistent results regarding great functionality and safety from the installation.

We offer up-front pricing for all new gas installations. Our basic prices for gas appliance and gas pipework installations can be found using our pricing calculator.

All our installations are tested for gas tightness and operating pressures and then run through a functionality test.


Residential Gas Pricing

For all your gas installation pricing, visit our pricing calculator to get a labour cost on your gas installation today.

Generally, when it comes to gas servicing, it can sometimes be hard to narrow down a price without all the information.

For example, the gas fitter may have to strip the gas appliance down to get a part number and then order it in. On the second visit, the gas appliance and the new component can be reassembled and tested.

I have listed some gas installation jobs below with estimated time frames next to each. Obviously, not all gas jobs are the same. Use the list below as a basic guide for a basic job.

Gas Meters – 1 meter of pipe – 1.5 hours

Hot Water Systems – 3 hours for plumbing and the gas (Replace old with new, external)

Cook Tops – 1.5 hours

Ovens – 1.5 Hours

Pool and Spa Heaters – Gas connection and commission only (1 meter of pipe) – 3 Hours


Gas Pipework and Gas Appliance Testing

All our gas systems are comprehensively tested through all the stages of installation to ensure that there are no leaks and that the correct pressures are met.

Gas certificates and compliance plates will be provided to you once the work is complete.


Future Projects

As a previous client, you can now enjoy the benefits of being a Yates Plumbing and Gas Member. To view member benefits, go to our home page.



  • All our gas services installations currently receive:
    • 10% off all future work
    • one free hot water system check
    • free water wise certificate for free (t&cs apply)