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Renovation Plumbing and Gas Services

The following topics are discussed below:

  • Major and minor renovation
  • Scope of works
  • Renovation workflow processes
    • major
    • minor
  • Job time frames
  • Job pricing
  • Current Specials



Renovation works have the potential to be extremely stressful and overwhelming. This is why we offer our services right at the start for free, to help make your dreams a reality.

During this design phase, we go through your ideas and plans and look at the best way we can deliver a great product with the greatest efficiency and the least problems.


Major and Minor Renovation

Minor renovations: Here, only a small portion of the house is due to be renovated, for example, a bathroom or a kitchen, even a toilet. These projects generally last only a few weeks from start to finish and can be managed by the owner if they feel comfortable doing this.

Your plumber should be able to come along at the demolition stage and simply disconnect the water and cap off the drainage relating to the renovation, ready to be reconnected at fit off stage or to be moved during the rough-in stage.

Major renovations: These refer to a renovation project, which involves either several minor renovation components, right through to a complete house renovation. Major renovations have a habit of taking longer than a new build due to the demolition phase,  wherein all the old components of the house must be stripped back to the bare bones of the building to get a starting point. This usually involves a demolition team and a combination of trades, usually plumbers and the electricians.

Like the minor renovation works, your plumber should be able to come along at the demolition stage and simply disconnect the water and cap off the drainage relating to the renovation ready to be reconnected at fit off stage. The difference here is that there will be a lot more fixtures to cap off. Your plumber also needs to be mindful of leaving a water source onsite for the other trades to use.


Renovation Plumbing Scope of Works

Renovation plumbing is like new build plumbing by name but slightly different when it comes to the execution of these tasks.

  • Demolition works and capping off fixtures
  • Drainage – above ground only, sometimes you may be asked to cut concrete and move points.
  • Water Rough in – Move existing points where required to suit the new design
  • Fit off water appliances
  • Gas services
  • Stormwater services – Not usually required unless a water tank has been added or the renovation involves lifting the house.


Renovation Plumbing Processes

These processes are not too dissimilar to the new residential plumbing, the main difference being the number of visits which may be required for a renovation.

Minor Renovation Plumbing Process

  • The client engages the plumber’s services in writing, both parties agreeing on the terms before work commences.
  • Disconnect old fixture and cap off drainage
  • Move water and drainage points if required
  • Optional payment depending on job size, material outlay.
  • Fit off new fittings
  • Form 4 submitted
  • Final invoice paid

Major Renovation Plumbing

  • The client engages the plumber’s services in writing, both parties agreeing on the terms before work commences.
  • Payment 1 – Down payment for materials – Typically 10% of the project cost
  • The Plumber receives the stamped approved plans and submits documents to the council taking ownership of the job.
  • Demolition of old fixtures- Remove fixtures from site and cap off all water and drainage points
  • All the internal water pipes and gas pipes are installed, and local council inspection completed.
  • Payment 32– Water and Gas rough in and elevated drainage – Typically 50% of the project cost
  • Fit off all internal fittings and appliances. External works completed, including downpipes and rainwater tanks if required.
  • Final Inspection completed by the local council
  • Final Inspection completed by the builder and any defects fixed.
  • Final Payment due – Remaining 40% due within 30 days typically.


Renovation Plumbing Duration and Costing

Minor Renovation (Kitchen, Bathroom, etc.)

  • Demolition – 1-2 Chargeable Hours
  • Water/ Drainage/ Gas rough in – 3 – 6 Chargeable Hours
  • Fit off – 3 – 6 Chargeable Hours

Major Renovation (low set home)

  • Demolition – 3-6 Hours Chargeable Hours
  • Water, drainage and Gas Rough in – 1-2 days
  • Fit Off 6+ Chargeable Hours

Our pricing calculator is designed to be user-friendly for all your small projects. So, if you have a minor renovation or even a major renovation, have a skim through our pricing calculator to help give you an idea of price. If you like what you see, book us in for a site visit. If the calculator raises any question, send us an email and we will be very happy to help.


Future Projects

As a previous client, you can now enjoy the benefits of being a Yates Plumbing and Gas Member. To view member benefits, go to our home page.



  • All our renovation works currently receive
    • FREE, site visit at the design phase to help with your planning and costing
    • 10% off all future work
    • and one free hot water system check