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Drain Cleaning

Is your drain smelly? Does your drain gurgle? Does your drain only slowly drain the water away?

These are just a few tell tail signs that your drain needs a clear out.

If it turns out that your fixture traps and floor wastes are the problem, we usually chemically clean these out or replace the trap if it is beyond repair – the best option is to replace if it is a sink or basin trap.

If the problem is further down the drain, then it gets slightly more complicated. The drain can be cleaned out with an electric eel or jet rod and then a camera used to determine if there is any damage to the drain from tree roots, etc.

If tree roots are present, then we can talk to you about your options and give you prices to replace the pipe and remove the troublesome root, or offer you a simple annual drain clean to keep the root under control.

We have diligent plumbers who will endeavor to give you a great working product and answer any questions you may have along the way to ensure that your experience with our team is positive.