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Blocked Storm Water Drainage

Does your garden drainage fail when the rain becomes heavy? Does your garden flood and your guttering overflow?

Unfortunately, during the summer months when the rain is heavy, this problem is all too common in the Brisbane area.

Luckily there are quite a few easy solutions that often fix these drainage issues, ranging from increasing drainage pipe size, adding extra drainage pits in and around the affected areas, to the more complicated methods of installing pits and pumps. I am yet to meet a drainage issue that could not be resolved.

With regards to overflowing guttering, adding downpipes and/or increasing the size of the guttering normally fixes the problem. In addition to this, adding gutter guard can give you extra peace of mind knowing that the guttering is not just blocked up.

If it turns out that the roof size is overwhelming the drainage system during heavy summer storms, then installing a 5000L / 10000L rain water tank is a great way to capture a huge amount of water and prevent it from overloading the drainage system. If you have no need for irrigation, then it could just be used as a retention tank and pumped to the street another day.