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Waterwise Certificate

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The Waterwise certificate allows the property owner to pass on water charges to their tenants. These charges include the bulk water charge. Property owners must ensure their properties are certified Waterwise.  They can do this by meeting a set of efficiency criteria stipulated in the Act.


Minimum requirements to gain a Waterwise certificate

The Act is quite clear on what is required to be classified as a Waterwise property. These criteria are:

  • The rental property is individually metered
  • The rental property is deemed to be Waterwise and has a Waterwise report or certificate
  • The rental agreement must state that the tenant must pay for water consumption.


What can you charge for when the criteria are met?

Tenants can be charged for all water consumption, including the bulk water charge.


Water efficiency criteria

To make your rental property eligible for a Waterwise certificate, it can be as easy as walking through your home and checking a handful of predetermined checks. On the other hand, if your rental property is old, you may need quite a lot of minor changes to make your property eligible.

The following areas need to be addressed for your property to receive a Waterwise certificate:

  • No Leaks after the water meter.
  • Tap flow rates need to be below 9L per min, excluding baths and hoses taps.
  • Your toilet system needs to be of the 4.5/3L flush type. The old 6L cistern is no longer acceptable.
  • The shower needs to have flow restrictors installed to limit the flow to 9 litres per minute.

Our team will provide you with a full report identifying all the areas of concern and in need of improvement. If you only have one or two minor non-compliance issues, we will fix them there and then for you. If the report identifies one or two more expensive issues such as a cistern replacement,  we will provide you with a price to remedy the problems there and then so you can have peace of mind that you will have the Waterwise certificate after the first visit.

Our pricing calculator gives all our prices for all plumbing jobs related to a Waterwise certificate.


What evidence is required for proof of water efficiency

You need actual proof to be able to charge your tenant for the water charges.

Our team will provide you with a Waterwise certificate and manufacturer’s manuals of any item we install, along with a company invoice stating that a Waterwise certificate has been provided for said property.

We can provide a more detailed report which will go through each area of assessment if required. We will also add photos if necessary.


What the tenant cannot be charged for

Firstly, the tenant can only be charged for the billable amount, nothing extra relating to the topic of water use.

The tenant cannot be charged for the sewerage usage charge or the fixed access charges, including the water access charge or the sewer access charge.


What we can do for you and how much it will cost

Our team has put together the following indicator table of the most common Waterwise certification defects and put an estimated price based on our pay calculator.


Defect Cost estimate Comment
Leaking Taps (pair) $79 (spindles can be replaced for extra $10 per tap)
Leaking taps (2 pairs) $109
Add $15 per tap after 2 pairs have been completed.
Leaking WC (inlet valve) $109 (Inlet valve included)
Replace Cistern (4,5L/3L) $250 -$275 (Basic cistern included)
Replace Kitchen Mixer $179 -$209 (Basic mixer included)


Future Projects

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  • All Waterwise certificates from $89.
  • Add a water filter to your sink to improve your water quality for only $139