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Leaking Taps

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Leaking taps are things which are most commonly taken care of by plumbers. This is one reason our team takes this so-called simple job very seriously.  All jobs will be completed in a professional manner and fixed with the best quality products.

Our philosophy is to encourage preventive maintenance. For example, if you have 1 leaking tap in a bathroom, we would encourage you to refresh the other taps at the same time. This will extend the life of the taps and prolong the time before your next plumber’s visit.


Types of Taps

Mixer Taps

There are two main types of water mixers in our homes. These are the in-wall type mixer, usually found in our showers and baths, and the surface mounted mixers which are usually found on our sinks, basins, and laundry tubs.

Dripping mixers are not that hard to fix if you know what you are doing. Our team at Yates Plumbing and Gas not only want to fix your leaking mixer but also give you options about the best way to fix it. Mixer cartridges come in different shapes and sizes, and also offer different levels of technology, such as:

  • Anti-scaling cartridge
  • Anti-scalding cartridge
  • Water saving cartridge

We advocate for the water saving cartridge, but we can install any cartridge that you like.

It is better to act quickly when a leak develops, especially with in-wall mixers, as corrosion can make it too difficult to replace the cartridge without damaging the body itself.


Spindle type taps

The traditional hot and cold taps are spindle type taps and are the ones we associate with the traditional plumber and can be located just about anywhere.

If the water drips when the tap is turned off, the tap will need both the washers replaced and the tap bodies re-seated.

If they are just hard to turn off, then a tap washer replacement and greasing up of the spindle should be enough.

If the tap spindle is old, then we would recommend replacing it, because even though they can be greased to feel like new, they are now more susceptible to corrosion in the future. For approximately $10 you could put in brand new spindles which will probably last another 10 years before needing a service.


¼ Turn spindle taps

This is a spindle type tap that only rotates for ¼ of a turn. If these taps start leaking, then the tap seat will need reseating and the spindle ceramic discs checked. If the ceramic disc looks fine but is still leaking, simply replace the ¼ turn spindle. ¼ turn taps quite often sustain internal damage which cannot be fixed cost-effectively.


Preventive maintenance

We practice preventive maintenance because we believe that it is better to have fully functional plumbing taps for all their lives rather than letting something keep going until it breaks.

We encourage being proactive by offering competitive prices to get the additional taps in your home serviced. This way, you maintain easy to use taps, which never leak and extend the life of all your tapware. See our price lists below:


Tap service prices

Spindle taps

  • 2 tap sets = $109
  • 3 tap sets = $139
  • After this $12.5 per tap outlet

Mixer Taps

  • In-wall 35mm = $151
  • In-wall 40m = $176
  • On bench 35mm = $160 (photo of tap required)
  • On bench 40mm = $170 (photo of tap required)


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  • 2 leaking outlets $79
  • 4 Leaking outlets $109
  • $12.5 for every outlet after 4.