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Retail Plumbing and Office Fit-outs

The following topics are discussed on this page:


Office and retail fit outs tend to have short time frames, with an expectation for night and weekend work to complete the drainage and noisy works.

Planning and communication are essential for any type of plumbing work.  These are areas where we will excel for you.

Office Fit Out

If you are planning to undertake a new office fit out, we can provide you with a comprehensive service from the outset:

  • We will provide the concrete scanning, scanning report, and core holing where required
  • Install all the drainage and plumbing (out-of-hours if required)
  • Fit off fixtures
  • Remove rubbish from the site.
  • Supervise and book all plumbing Inspections
  • Plumbing Compliance Documentation

Minor Fit out

If you are just after a face-lift of old fixtures or you would like to add a fixture such as a boiling water Zip Tap,  you should either send us a quick message with your requirements and time frames, or click on our price generator to get an instant price. We will be quick to respond and get your job completed.

Drainage and water

If your task requires work to be carried out in the tenancy below, we will surely provide plastic covering and drop sheets to help protect the work area. We will also vacuum the area clean once all work is complete and provide you with a selection of photos of all covered up work above the ceiling grids.

If the job allows, we will try to limit the number of inspections so that we disrupt the tenancies around you as little as possible.

Retail Fit outs

Nowadays, if you have a small or large retail shop with no facilities, it is possible to provide those facilities (a small kitchen, basin, or toilet) just about anywhere!

Even with no drainage or water close by, it is still possible to install a sink, dishwasher, or toilet with a bit of planning.

If you have a water point and a drainage point on your premises, we will be able to achieve the desired outcome for your job.

If you are just after a face-lift, just visit our pricing calculator tool to get an idea of our price today and book us in to do your job.

Plumbing Demolition

If you want a sink, toilet, whole restaurant, or amenity block disconnected, we are here to be of service.

We can just disconnect, or disconnect and remove, the old fixtures. We will also ensure that all drains are fully disconnected and capped so that no debris can enter the drains during the demo.

For extra piece of mind, we can run a camera down all drainage points after the demo to ensure no construction debris has entered the drainage system.

Most Demolitions only require an hour or two to complete, so why not take advantage of our Do And Charge rates. Simply go to the pricing calculator page, type in your job requirements and book us in.

Future Projects

All previous clients will enjoy the benefits of being a Yates Plumbing and Gas VIP Member.

To view member benefits, go to our home page.


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