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Gas Appliances

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Our experience started in the residential and light commercial sectors.  These are areas where we learned how to work hard and complete simple gas appliance installations.

Then, we have further developed our gas knowledge over the past decade, working within the industrial and commercial sectors, mainly in new construction with some maintenance experience.

In the commercial sector, we have spent a lot of time in new construction and refurbishing old businesses in the following sub-sectors:

  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Fast Food Establishments
  • And a combination of the above

Gas Appliance Installation

The Commercial gas appliance manifolds we have worked on are of various sizes and functionalities.  These explain why we love this type of work the most. Every day presents a new challenge, and almost every client would like something different. Luckily for us, our ever-evolving knowledge and experience help us every day to make your gas appliances and cook lines work for you.

Why choose our team

I feel like we differ from most plumbing and gas services because we design our gas appliance installation with the finished product in mind.

Only after the client’s needs are determined do we design the gas system. This way, the client ends up with a safe, functional product and a design that meets and exceeds national standards.

We also instill a great work ethic within our business, so you can rest assured that our team will always be working hard and smart.

Which appliances do we most commonly install?

We have experience installing many different types of gas appliances. Below are the most common types of appliances that we install;

  • Gas Stove (4, 6, 8 ring burners)
  • Gas Fryer (Single, Double, Treble)
  • Gas Char Grill
  • Gas Salamander
  • Gas Wok burner (Single, Double and Treble burners)
  • Gas Stock Pot
  • Gas Noodle Cooker
  • Gas Pasta Cooker
  • Pizza Oven
  • Gas Coffee Roaster
  • Gas Combi Oven
  • Gas Hot Water
  • Gas Kebab Burners
  • Gas Duck Oven

This list is not exclusive. If you have any gas appliance which is not on the list and it has an Australian certification, chances are we can install it for you.

Gas Appliance Safety

We take gas safety very seriously at Yates Plumbing and Gas. All our gas work is done by vigilant, caring commercial plumbers.

We provide constant gas safety practices and aim to install all our gas appliances with the following safety factors in mind:

  • The correct gas supply for the gas appliance
  • Gas appliances are set to the correct operating pressures
  • All gas appliances have appliance regulators
  • The hose connections of all gas appliances are strained and are free from kinks
  • All gas appliances are restrained to protect their hoses
  • All gas appliances are leak-free
  • All gas appliances are Australian certified
  • All gas appliances are installed so that they comply with safe distances away from flammable surfaces
  • The pipework feeding your gas appliances is tested for leaks (is leak-free before commissioning)
  • Incoming pressures are not too high for the appliance regulators (less than 5kpa)


All our gas systems are comprehensively tested through all the stages of installation to ensure that there are no leaks and that the correct pressures are met for each gas appliance during operation.

We also install a gas solenoid with an emergency shut off button with all our gas appliance manifolds. This provides a clear and easy way to isolate the gas in an emergency. If a gas solenoid is not practical, then we can install a gas ball valve which can be used as an emergency shut off valve.

Gas certificates and compliance plates will be provided to you once the work is complete.

Future Projects

All previous clients will enjoy the benefits of being a Yates Plumbing and Gas VIP Member.

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