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Commercial Kitchens

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Topics discussed below:


The kitchen is the wheelhouse of any successful food establishment, so it is essential to get it right the first time. Therefore, we usually spend extra time during the installation phase to understand the client’s needs and desires so that all the water, drainage, and gas points are in the best locations for the fitout of the appliances and the functionality of the kitchen operation.

Types of Commercial Kitchens

Over the past decade, we have been privileged to handle many different styles of commercial kitchen plumbing work, which has not only been interesting but also great for expanding our knowledge and experience in this fast-moving industry.

We have done plumbing and gas work in the following types of commercial kitchens:

  • Fast Food – KFC, Red Rooster, Guzman Y Gomez
  • Cafes – Café 63, Coffee Club
  • Restaurant – Chu The Phat, Rashays, GYG, Betty’s Burgers, Bavarian, Motto Motto
  • Burger Restaurants – Grill’d
  • Kiosks – Boost Juice, Goldstein’s (Prep Kitchens Only)
  • Bar/Restaurant – Tap works
  • Bakery – Danny Boys, Toombul shopping centre bakery

What you can expect from our Team

We aim to provide a full plumbing and gas service from start to finish. This service will be provided to you by our team of certified and seasoned commercial plumbers and gas fitters with a  wide range of commercial plumbing experience.

We will work day and night, even preferring nights during the peak periods of the project, because we find that we can get a lot more work done due to the fact that the site is usually less crowded at night. This also helps in getting projects completed in no time.

Out-of-hours Service

We have an out-of-hours service for our clients. This is not a service offered to the public.  Our number will be emailed to you as part of our introductory email. This is part of our service.  Therefore, you can rest assured that if you engage our service, you will be covered during this after-service period.

For the first month of operation, we will provide you with extra vigilant priority service, so that any maintenance or alterations you need to do during this period is done without downtime to your business.  Your success is our priority!

What we need from the client and Builder

From day one, we will need:

  • A set of council approved stamped plans. The job should not be started until these are in our hands, as fines do apply if we are seen to be doing work without the appropriate paperwork.
  • A list of all appliances which have water, gas or drainage connections. This is important for several reasons:
    • The gas appliance has a compliance plate, which allows us to calculate the correct pipe sizing and pressures. Without this information, the gas system cannot be installed. This information also allows us to work out if additional ventilation is needed.
    • Some water appliances also require very precise positioning.
    • And finally, some water points will require a backflow protection device to protect the water supply.
  • For the gas services, we require the owner to organise a gas meter. The gas supplier will need to know how many gas appliances are going to be installed and their combined energy ratings as part of this process so that the correct gas meter can be installed.
  • Contact details of the builder and the client.
  • Approval in writing to engage our plumbing and gas services.

Project Schedule – Commercial Kitchen Plumbing

The job’s steps may vary from project to project depending on each builder’s internal processes, but generally a project will run through the following sequence of tasks:

  • Site Inspection
  • Quote Project
  • Quote Accepted
  • Concrete Scanning
    • Scanning report
  • Core holing and concrete cutting.
  • Project Drainage
  • Reinstate concrete trenches
  • Project Water and Gas services (Concealed pipe only)
  • Drainage and Water Inspections
  • Fit off
  • Final Council Inspection/Paperwork submitted
  • Final Payment Due
  • Work with the client to fix any chances
  • Each new client is to receive priority service for the first month of operation so that any alterations or additions can be done with little or no impact on trading times.

We try to provide one main commercial plumber per project. We try to keep them on the site from the start of the project to the end. Their role is to be your point of contact with our team and to organize the boys working on the site. If for any reason we pull our main commercial plumber off your project, we will ensure that a comprehensive handover form is completed for the job, with written notes and photos as extra points of reference.

Types of appliances we regularly install

We have worked in many different types of food establishments. This has exposed us to many different types of commercial plumbing and gas equipment. Below is a list of the most common appliances, which we regularly install.

  • Dishwashers – Chemically Injected
  • Glass Washer – Chemically Injected
  • Ice Machine
  • RO Machine
  • Hose Reels for floor hosing
  • Post Mix
  • Hot Water Systems (Heavy Duty, Instantaneous)
  • Combi Ovens – Chemically Injected
  • Noodle Cooker (Gas)
  • Nacho Ovens
  • Brat Pans (Gas)
  • Stove (Gas)
  • Fryer (Gas)
  • Wok Burner (Gas)
  • Griddle (Gas)
  • Char Grill (Gas)
  • Pizza Oven (Gas)
  • Stock Pot (Gas)
  • Salamander (Gas)
  • Bakery Equipment
    • Dough Mixer
    • Bread Prover
    • Iced bath

This list is not exclusive. If you have an appliance or piece of equipment which is not on the list and it has an Australian watermark, chances are we can install it for you.


All pipework and appliances are put through a pressure test, leak test, and a functionality test to see how they work in real time. Any problems which are found are fixed or altered there and then.

The testing of appliances and fixtures is one area where I feel we differ from a  number of other plumbing services. We test for leaks and functionality, and we keep testing until we are sure that everything is operating smoothly. We like to engage our clients here to see if they can spot any potential issues regarding the location of pipes and operational areas, and quite often they pick up something which has been overlooked by the plumber.

If the appliance is one whose manufacturer sends out their own technicians to install, we will make ourselves available to assist you with any technical questions or to make any amendments that need to be made.

What we will deliver

We aim to deliver a fully functional kitchen that is free from defect, delivered on time and to the customers’ satisfaction.

The finished product will be completed to national standard, have all the local government compliance documentation completed and presented to the client as part of the final documentation package.

We try to provide every newly-finished project with extra time and vigilance through the first few weeks of operation so that any alteration or maintenance that needs to be done, is done with speed and precision so as not to affect the business in any way.

Future Projects

All previous clients will enjoy the benefits of being a Yates Plumbing and Gas Member.

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