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Broken Pipes

The following topics are discussed on this page:

Common Causes of Broken Pipes

  • Tree roots are a major cause of broken drainage pipes.
  • Broken pipes can also occur due to:
    • Vehicular traffic running over the pipe. The Stormwater pipe near the road is a common breakpoint.
    • Damage to drain pipe by the excavator during backfilling of trenches during the construction phase.
    • Damage caused by concrete during installation of the concrete slab at the construction.
    • Damage caused by fencer during installation of boundary fences at the construction.
    • Water too hot for pipes causing fitting failures (common with restaurants/cafes, etc. where PVC has been used instead of trade waste pipes).
    • Expansion of concrete around the pipe (expansion joints have not been installed to allow for vertical or horizontal expansion).
    • Corrosion – Copper drains are the highest material falling prey to this type of breakage. It is difficult to diagnose this as it usually happens from the inside and works its way out.
    • Incorrect installation

Water Pipes

  • Corrosion.
  • UV attack – This is quite common when plastic water pipes are exposed to high levels of UV for a few years. The pipes can become brittle and break.
  • People hit water pipes while digging with machine or hand.
  • Concrete cutter cut through pipes below or in the slab. This is one reason why scanning the concrete prior to cutting is important.
  • Concrete expansion – more common if you have fixed points or joints are close to the concrete.
  • Incorrect installation method.

Methods of finding and repairing broken pipes

If you know where the broken pipe is, half of the battle is won.

If you suspect a broken pipe but are unsure of where it is, don’t panic – call a plumber. Using our experience, most broken pipes can be found quickly.

Just remember, anything is possible.

It is now time to get a price from a few local plumbers. To save money, dig down to the broken pipe yourself.  This way your plumber only needs fix the broken pipe and be on their way. This has the potential to cut the cost of your job in half.

I would recommend getting an idea of price and time frames from several different plumbing businesses. Some businesses charge emergency rates, so be wise to this.

At Yates Plumbing and Gas, we have lots of pricing choices to choose from. Use our pricing calculator for more options.

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