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Base Build Plumbing Work

The following topics are discussed on this page:


Base Build work refers to the services provided to a tenancy by the owner of the tenancy, usually the shopping centre it is in.

The plumbing services usually include;

  • Gas
  • Water
  • Drainage (House drain and trade waste)
  • Power

Our process

If you need to install plumbing, gas, or drainage work as part of a new tenancy, we can provide you with a comprehensive service which will include:

  • Provision of concrete scanning and scanning report, and core holing where required
  • Installation of all drainage,  plumbing, and gas facilities (out-of-hours if required)
  • Removal of rubbish from the site.
  • Comprehensive testing of all plumbing
  • Supervision and Booking of all plumbing Inspections

Day or night, we will work round the clock to get the job completed on time and in a professional manner.

We have comprehensive experience in the car park and office base build works for water, drainage, and gas lines.

We will work with the centre management and the builder to barricade and put signs in all work areas and provide traffic control where needed so that the tenancy work has minimal impact on the centre’s customers.

Base Build Services Provided

Drainage – We have acquired a lot of experience while working with trade waste and house drain systems and are comfortable working with Copper, PVC, or HDPE as drainage materials.

Water – We have gathered a lot of experience while working with water feeds into tenancies, Fire hose reel systems, and fire hydrant systems, and are comfortable working with copper or steel pipe.

Gas – We have acquired a lot of experience while running new gas feeds from the gas meters to the tenancies. We are comfortable using copper with Bpress joints or welded joints.

Future Projects

All previous clients will enjoy the benefits of being a Yates Plumbing and Gas VIP Member.

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