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Bars Areas

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Do you require a good commercial plumber with hospitality experience?

The front of house bar space is the face of your business. We hold this in mind when running our water and drainage so that it does not impact on the appearance, space, or functionality of your bar area.

Whether you want to install a coffee machine or add a basin, we will work with you to achieve the desired outcome.


If you require plumbing maintenance in the bar area, we will be happy to do this before or after your hours of operation, to help you limit the impact on your trading hours.

Take advantage of our special offer above so you know that you are already covered the next time you need a plumber.

Appliances we install

We regularly install or maintain the following bar equipment;

  • Glass Washer – Some glass washers require Back-Flow protection devices for water supply, check to see if your appliance is chemically injected.
  • Ice Machine – Requires a Filter and dual check valve
  • Coffee Machine – Requires a dual check valve, a pressure limiting valve, and a water filter.
  • Water Filters – Quite often require dual check valves
  • RO Machine – Requires dual check and pressure limiting valves.
  • Jug Rinse – Requires Pressure limiting valve and dual check valve
  • Ice Well – No water supply, just a drainage point is required
  • Beer Tap – Requires Dual Check valve and Pressure limiting valve
  • Saniflow Pump (This is a drainage pump used where there is limited drainage in that area.)

This list is not exclusive. If you have an appliance which is not on the list and it has an Australian watermark, chances are we can install it for you.

Common Bar Plumbing Problems and solutions

  • The drainage is too high for the ice machine -> Alter the elevated drainage to suit ice machine height or install a condensate pump.
  • Ice well tundish points too low for the actual drainage point -> Alter the elevated drainage to suit ice well height or install a condensate pump.
  • Water too hot for the glass washer -> Install a tempering valve.
  • No Backflow on the chemically injected Glasswasher -> Install a backflow prevention device.
  • Coffee Machine drain keeps getting blocked -> Install a trap priming device over the coffee machine tundish to help keep the drain clean.

Future Projects

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