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#35 How to clean a floor drain

# 35 How to clean a floor drain

Is your drain in desperate need of a clean? In the home, our drains can get clogged with countless different things, from hair to food particles, to gunk and bits of rubbish. Yates Plumbing and Gas has compiled a simple instruction guide on how to clean your drain.


Personal Protective Equipment

Make sure you have these items before you get started, to keep yourself clean and safe.

Rubber gloves, dusk mask, safety glasses

Initial Clean

For the purpose of this blog we are going to give you a process which uses a wet and dry vacuum.

Firstly, undo the grates which are causing you the most problems. You will then want to use the wet and dry vacuum to suck all the fluid out of the bottom of the floor drain.

Secondary Clean

Fill all the basins, showers, baths and other fixtures which run to the floor waste drain with water and drop all the water at the same time. Add a little bleach or other strong cleaning product to the fixtures as they empty.

It is now time to get your drain brush (clean toilet brush) and scrub your floor drains clean.

Final Clean

Once the secondary clean is complete, fill the fixtures with water again, add bleach, and drop. This time rather than cleaning, secure that grate back onto the floor drain. This time let the water sit and wash away naturally with day to day use.

On Going Maintenance

To ensure that your drains are kept in top condition, complete the secondary clean every couple of months. This will ensure that the floor drains naturally built up sediments are washed away regularly and the cleaning products will help keep the drains free of nasty odours.

With this simple step by step guide, you’ll have your drains sparkling clean in no time. This is particularly important if you’re moving house, or there are unpleasant odours coming up from your drain. While cleaning drains is no one’s favourite task, it’s a great way to keep your home clean and odour free.

If you require more information, have a question, or would like to book one of our services please call us on 0437 827 502. If cleaning your drain seems like something you’d like to avoid at all costs, don’t worry! Here at Yates Plumbing and Gas we are blocked drains and drain cleaning specialists.

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