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#33 How to increase the water pressure in your shower

#33 How to increase the water pressure in your shower

Is your shower pressure raining on your parade?

A common issue a lot of people face in their bathroom is not enough water pressure in either their shower or bath. While this might seem like a costly and frustrating problem, oftentimes it’s an easier fix than you might imagine.

Gone are the days of weak showers and baths that take so long to fill that the water is cold by the time you’re ready to get in.

If you’re ready to tackle this simple DIY fix, watch the video above or follow our guide below.

1. Test your water pressure

Step one is to test your current water pressure so you have something to compare it to later. Take a jug or bucket, and place it under your showerhead. Turn your taps on and fill the jug while using a stopwatch or smartphone to time how long it takes to fill.

2. Find the regulator

The regulator is a small plastic part that fits inside either your showerhead or the wall connections, which controls how much water flows out of your showerhead.

3. Remove the regulator

Once you’ve located the regulator, take a pair of pliers and remove it by unscrewing.

4. Replace the showerhead

Once you’ve removed the regulator, re-screw the showerhead or wall connections, and return your shower to normal.

5. Test the water pressure

Next, you’ll want to test the water pressure to make sure your fix has worked. Turn the taps on and time how long it takes you to fill a jug or bucket. Note the difference between the first time and the second time to determine how much your water pressure has increased.

There you have it! A simple, easy DIY fix for increasing water pressure in your shower.

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