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#8 Reignite your instant hot water system

#8  Reigniting your instantaneous hot water system.

Below we have shared a simple, instruction video on how to relight your Bosch 10P hot water system if it isn’t working correctly. The video also shows how to get the door off and back on.

  1. Slide up little glass window, there is a button on the left hand side with flame, push that in and hold – this allows gas to go through to the pilot light).
  2. Press the sparker button on far right and keep doing that. Check window to see if flame is lit, if it doesn’t light something has blocked  up that pilot light injector and you’ll need to get it serviced. If it does light – hold that button down for 15 seconds and slowly take your finger off and check if pilot is still going without your finger on there. If the pilot light goes out immediately, it will need to bet serviced. If the pilot light does stay on, all you need to do is press button with the 3 burners in all the way, that will allow the gas to go through to the main burner when the water is turned on. 
  3. Go inside, turn a hot tap on and you should see the main burner flare up and start getting hot water through your pipes. If it doesn’t, the diaphragm has perished or has a hole in it and needs to be replaced. The video shows you what the diaphragm looks like if it has perished.
  4. If the hot water system is working and the main burner is firing up, the video shows how you can adjust the temperature. You need to take the door off, and check if there’s any leaks inside the unit.
  5. To take the door off, loosen nuts on side, grab unit from the front underneath, pull it toward you. It should slide off, pull out a bit and drop it down. These need to be serviced every two years. The most important part to replace is the gland sleeve located between the gas chamber and the water chamber (shown). This video shows you what the the gland sleeve will look life it is leaking.
  6. These continuous hot water systems work by water flowing through the radiator and collecting heat on the way through. Therefore, the slower the water travels through the water jacket and the radiator, the more heat it collects.
  7. Now turn on hot tap fully in bath or laundry. Video shows water flow adjustment on front of the unit. Grab the dial and turn fully anticlockwise. This lets the water flow through as fast as possible. The best way to adjust the temperature is to adjust the hot pipe with your left hand, right hand on dial slowly turn clockwise slows water, collects more heat and you’ll feel heat increasing.
  8. If you are happy with temperature, go inside and turn the hot tap off and put the cover back on. Easiest way to do this is to grab it with both hands, put the front cover underneath front lip (all the time holding the sides out wide). The cover should go underneath lip. Push the cover onto the nuts at the bottom and tighten nuts up.

Please follow instructions carefully or alternatively, reach out to Yates Plumbing and Gas for help.

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