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#7 Reigniting your storage gas hot water system

#7  Re-igniting your hot water system

Here we have shared an instruction video on how to relight your Rheem 4 Star gas water heater.

This video covers certain reasons why you possibly aren’t getting hot water and shows the safe, correct way to relight the gas water heater. It explains that the pilot flame lights the main burner whenever water in the tank needs heating. If you can’t get hot water it may be because the pilot flame has gone out.

The steps are:

  1. Before beginning ensure all flames and ignition sources are kept well away from the area.
  2. Check for gas leaks – remove access panel, there are instructions laid out on the back of the panel. Simply smell for gas, especially down near floor level when gas can accumulate. If you smell gas turn the gas control knob off. Shut off the isolation valve in the gas line, leave the area and call for qualified plumber or technician.
  3. Once it is confirmed there are no gas leaks, turn gas control knob off and feel it click into off position (don’t use tools). It is vital you wait 5 mins for unburned gas to escape – if you do not wait, residual gas may ignite and cause serious harm.
  4. Light the pilot using the igniter button, this button will produce spark that ignites any gas that’s nearby. Vital you wait 5 minutes before turning the control knob off and waiting for gas to dissepate.
  5. Turn the control knob to pilot position – symbol star burst.
  6. Depress the control knob fully and keep holding knob down to allow gas to flow to pilot light. After waiting 30 secs keep holding down and press ignite button repeatedly for 40 secs. Make sure your face is not near the combustion chamber. At this point pilot should be alight. It is important that you continue to hold control knob down for a further 20 seconds for pilot light to establish. Then you can release the knob.
  7. Once released check pilot is alight, do this by looking in the combustion chamber below gas control. The pilot will be visible as very small blue flame.
  8. If pilot is not alight, it is vital you turn the gas control knob to off. Wait 5 minutes for gas to disperse.
  9. Begin pilot lighting process again from the start where you turned the control knob from off position to the pilot position.
  10. Once the pilot is alight, remove face from directly in front of combustion chamber opening.
  11. Turn control knob anticlockwise to at least 5. This will allow the main burner to alight whenever water needs heating. When the burner lights up, it can be noisy for 2-5 seconds, this is normal and will settle down to quiet flame.
  12. Replace access panel.

This is a straightforward procedure however it is vital you follow instructions exactly and carefully or alternatively, reach out to Yates Plumbing and Gas for help.

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