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#10 Gas burner flame adjustment

#10 Gas burner flame adjustment

Did you know that you can adjust the level of the gas coming out of your gas burner? In this video we show you how to safely adjust your gas flame level so that your high doesn’t feel like an inferno, and your low actually is low.

The tool you will need to adjust the low flame setting is an 8-inch flathead screwdriver.

First, remove burner grate for better visibility of the flame, ignite the burner and then adjust to the low setting all the way to the ‘stop’. Remove the knob and locate the low flame adjustment screw. Turning it clockwise will decrease the flame size. With the burner lit on low, tun the adjustment screw while watching the flame reduce in size.

Adjust the flame height to the same level as the top of the brass burner cap. After adjusting, turn the burner up high then quickly turn the knob to low. If the flame blows itself out, the flame is set too low and needs to be increased. Turning the screw counter clockwise will increase the flame size. Adjust the flame to a suitable level but high enough so flame remains lit.

Please follow instructions carefully or alternatively, reach out to Yates Plumbing and Gas for help.

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