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Blocked Drain Plumber Brisbane

Why You Can Trust Yates Plumbing and Gas

For over a decade owner Daniel Yates has been the go-to blocked drain plumber Brisbane. Plumbing and gas have come a long way as technology continues to develop over time. He has had a variety of experience including working in the South Australian Desert in the Gas Industry. 

These experiences have ultimately lead him to be the talent plumber he is today giving him widespread understanding and gratitude of what is expected from clients which can be effectively achieved through the collaboration of working together and communicating the desired result to meet in the middle. 

Yates Plumbing and Gas are members of the Master Plumbers’ Association of QLD as well as accreditation from the Queensland Building and Constriction Commission and the Queensland Gas Association. These provide the company with the latest techniques and industry updates to ensure they successfully provide a blocked drain plumber Brisbane to clients.

Blocked Drain Plumber Brisbane

The Best Blocked Drain Plumber Brisbane

Along with being a quality blocked drain plumber Brisbane, Yates Plumbing and Gas has acquired an array of knowledge over recent years. Particularly within commercial businesses, mainly hospitality and retail. We have assisted businesses such as Starbucks, Telstra, KFC, Red Rooster, Guzman y Gomez and Boost Juice. 

We strive to have all prices to you within a 24-hour time frame for a vast range of plumbing work as well as new home builds. We service the following:

  • Commercial: Kitchens, gas appliances, bars and retail helping with a range of services.
  • Residential: New home build or renovations, helping with hot water systems, gas, fixtures and installations.
  • Maintenance: If your plumbing fixtures are in need on an upgrade, we can service your leaking taps, broken pipes, stormwater systems and more. 
  • Real estate: We provide plumbing and gas maintenance to property owners, including drain cleaning, hot water and fixture installation. 

What to Do if Your Toilet Won’t Flush

To talk to an experienced blocked drain plumber Brisbane, contact Yates Plumbing and Gas today. Having a toilet that is struggling to flush is a common issue among homes and businesses and there a range of reasons why.

  1. The button or inside of the toilet is having issues – This could be caused by disconnection or breakage in the linkage mechanism. If it is coming from the inside, check if anything is showing obvious damage or wear.
  2. Drainage issues – Drainage problems can be caused by a blockage in the toilet. If you are unable to unblock the toilet contact us and we can provide you with a blocked drain plumber Brisbane fast. 
  3. Lack of water – The water should be coming into the toilet bowl in the form of a flush. If there is no water, this could mean there is an issue with your water supply.
Ready to get your drains back in order? Trust the top blocked drain plumber Brisbane and call Yates Plumbing and Gas! Contact us today on 0437 827 502 or email an enquiry to