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# 36 How to Fix a loose toilet seat

#36 How to fix a loose toilet seat

Identifying the cause of the problem

The toilet seat maybe loose, we now need to identify which component of the toilet seat is the problem and what is causing it to be a problem.

  1. Quite often the cause of the seat becoming loose is an ill fitting toilet seat or the wrong seat installed in the first place.  If you can imagine that downward pressure is being applied to the toilet seat every time you use it, then it is no surprise that an ill fitting toilet will come loose over time.
  2. In some circumstances toilet seat brackets are installed without the rubber slip barrier which is a big mistake and one of the leading causes of a loose toilet seat.
  3. Kids climb, jump and squirm all over the toilet seat. Over my 15 year marriage, we did not change a toilet seat until our boy turned 5, now we have changed 3 in the past year and a half.

Fixing the problem

  1.  First off, make sure you have either cleaned the toilet before tackling this job or wear rubber gloves.
  2. Next ensure that the toilet seat is aligned so that the seat sits directly above the toilet rim.
  3. Now that the seat is in position, ensure that the bracket set is complete with the rubber protection. Tighten the brackets with the alan key provided.
  4. Test the seat by lifting it up and down vigorously 10-15 times. This includes sitting on the seat abruptly. After this test is completed, give the seat a quick retighten.  If this is your own seat, then I would revisit the seat tightening after about a week.

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